Sierpinski Triangle Tshirt Web App


Html5 Javascript Jquery Css Php Ajax

Web App -iterated triangle drawing to Zazzle T-Shirt API. Made using html5 and javascript and a little php. Drag the corners of the seed triangle, click for options and T-Shirt. Try it Here

Binary Quiz for Android

title of the image

Native Android App Java Xml

This is an app for the purpose of practicing decimal to binary conversion. It is available from Google Play and has been tested for Android 1.6 - 4.2. Click to see on Google Play.

Color Sound Storm


Was Processing, now Html5

One of my first programs, written in Processing and now ported to html5 and javascript. Relaxing randomly generated music, colored circles and thunder. Click the image to go to the web version. No browser support for audio? -> -Download Windows ColorSound -Download (Untested) Mac ColorSound unzip and run the application.

Beat Machine Drum Sequencer


Java JFugue

BeatMachine is a Java based drum sequencer. -Download, unzip and run the executable jar. **note - This program needs an update but still mostly works with newer Java.